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On September the 24th, 2015. Frontera-XYZ, represented by Arturo Islas (General Manager) donated a 3D Printer to the San Diego Central Library. This equipment is already available at the 3D Printing Lab within SDPL.

By adding this equipment into the 3D Printing Lab, we are encourage the local community for knowing and getting involved on 3D Printing.
Mostly of the visitors at San Diego Central Library are kids and teenagers coming from several schools of the area. Some of them are students who lives in Tijuana and cross the border to San Diego everyday, just for going to school.

The 3D printers use is available for all San Diego Central Library’s users and visitors. 

Uyen Tran (Emerging Technologies Librarian @SDCL) agrees that technology based on innovation improves the community, encourages Entrepreneurs, Students and 3D Printing aficionados. In addition to this, San Diego is an innovation hub constantly growing and adapting about new trends.

This 3D Printer (manufactured by Wanhao) is located in the 3D Printing / MakerLab, 3D Printing is there and now available and affordable. For more information about how San Diego Central Library is one of the leaders committed to ignites innovation.                                                                                                                 

More information: San Diego Central Library @ Joan Λ Irwin Jacobs Common. 330 Park Blvd. San Diego CA 92101.

This technology gets the most press these days. Employed by manufacturers for years to cheaply produce prototypes, a 3D printer creates a three-dimensional object from a digital model by building up layering material (known as laser sintering). Most often the layers are made of plastic, but they can also be made of ceramic, stainless steel, bronze, sandstone, and sterling silver. In 2014, key patents on the most advanced laser-sintering 3D printers will expire, further fueling competitive pricing in the market. The cheapest 3D printers cost as little as US$1,000.

3D Printing Industry 

At FRONTERA-XYZ, we know that is developing a technological revolution that is coming to various industries.

Knowing about how to apply the new technology as additive manufacturing, FRONTERA-XYZ is contributing through its products and services 3D printing reach the specified user and you have all the tools and knowledge you can get great advantage in its operation, designs, research projects.


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specialists from important brands and manufacturers in the US and Asia. Looking to offer cutting-edge products and services.

Technologies of the Innovation Economy

The brands we sell are Wanhao XYZPrinting equipment and high value/price. Premium brands, AirWolf3D and Zortrax as Authorized Distributor in Mexico and San Diego's Area CA.

FRONTERA-XYZ is working with universities, Fab Labs and CoWorkers in Mexico-California. Creating partnerships with Makers' Culture.

Available in CA (San Diego's Area) and Mexico

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3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing and Makers


Airwolf 3D AXIOM models operate at printing speeds of up to 250 millimeters per second, and travel speeds as high as 400 millimeters per second. At Airwolf 3D we understand that time is critical, and this is why we have developed one of the fastest desktop 3D printers on the market.


Additive manufacturing is the method of making products and components by depositing thin layers of material using a digital blueprint (as opposed to traditional subtractive manufacturing, which uses machine tools, such as lathes or milling machines, to remove material to produce an object). Examples include 3D printing, laser sintering, and cold spray coating. Clearly, although 3D printers may be getting all the press these days, makers have many other valuable tools at their disposal to disrupt an industry.


With over 6 years of operation, FRONTERA-XYZ continues constantly updated on the dynamics of this industry.

Our greatest strength is the constant updating and relationship with the manufacturers of the most innovative 3D printing equipment. 

Supporting our relationship between Mexico, California, Texas via TijuanaMX/San Diego CA, as well as Nuevo Laredo/Laredo TX.

High quality Filament for 3D printers (open source) 1.75mm and 3mm. PLA, ABS, PVA, PETg. Also Filament brands Ninjaflex, Zortrax, XYZPrinting.

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